They came from different walks of life, but they have some things in common: they are both hardworking Atimonanins and they wanted jobs that would make them good providers for their respective families.

This is Eduardo Pio D. Enriquez. For 12 years, he worked as a small-town lottery collector – a job that sometimes left him with insufficient income to meet his family’s basic needs. Eduardo and his wife Flordeliza always desired to give their nine children better lives.


SG Eduardo Pio Enriquez in his uniform during one of his duties in the plant site.


Meet Rommel Lobrico. He spent almost five years away from his family while he worked as a security guard in different areas in Metro Manila and Cavite. He always wanted to live closer to his wife and three children so he could spend more time with the people he cares about the most.


SG Rommel Lobrico while on his graveyard shift at Dinamico Construction, Inc. office


When Eduardo and Rommel heard that a company in Atimonan was hiring security guards, they saw the opportunity as a step closer to their goals.

Through his own initiative, Eduardo attended a six-month security officer training program to make him qualified for the job. He got hired in November 2018.

“I believe that action and effort along with positive attitude are essential in achieving my dreams for my family,” said Eduardo.

Rommel, on the other hand, also got hired and is now living with his family. While not serving his shift as a security guard, he works as a barangay patrol of Zone 1.

“This job made it possible to provide the needs of my family and be with them at the same time. I am grateful for this kind of opportunity in my hometown,” mused Rommel.

Eduardo and Rommel are among the 58 security personnel employed by security agencies that provide services to Atimonan One Energy, Inc. (A1E). They are both deployed within the vicinity of A1E’s power plant site in Barangay Villa Ibaba.

Thankful for the opportunity brought by the planned power plant in their hometown, Eduardo and Rommel are happy that they don’t only meet the basic needs of their families, they also live close to them and are able to save money from their earnings.

On top of that, these security guards are entitled to different benefits, which lessens their worries if ever they get sick or get too old to work.

Warren Las Pinas, Officer-In-Charge of Stanch Security and Investigation Agency, himself believes that A1E’s power plant will not only supply electricity to the country but will also help in job creation in Atimonan and eventually contribute to the sustainable development of municipality.


Warren Las Pinas of Stanch Security and Investigation Agency conducts a briefing to the security guards before going to their assigned posts.


Atimonan is a first-class municipality in Quezon, but most residents depend mostly on fishing and agriculture for their livelihood.

While the plant has yet to be constructed, the residents are already benefitting from A1E’s programs for the community. The company hopes to help people like Eduardo and Rommel reach their dreams of ensuring a secured future for their families.

A1E is closely working with the Atimonan Public Employment Service Office in hiring Atimonanins like Eduardo and Rommel for the various positions needed by the company and its contractors.

This is part of A1E’s commitment to help building generate employment by prioritizing the hiring of qualified locals for different jobs.

A total of 5,000 workers are expected to be employed by the company in the peak of its construction and around 300 regular employees once it becomes operational.

Aside from this, A1E, through its corporate social responsibility programs focused on education, livelihood and entrepreneurial, health and sanitation, environment and disaster risk reduction.

A1E is the owner and developer of the proposed 1,200 MW coal-fired power plant in Villa Ibaba, Atimonan, Quezon. The project will fill the demand-supply gap and improve the power supply sustainability in the country. In addition, it plays a major role in power transmission and promote clean energy using its high efficiency low emissions technology.