The New Carinay Homeowners Association, Inc. (NCHAI) new set of officers elected during the general assembly last September 15. (From L-R: Lloyd Lona, Director; Roger Trapalgar, Director; Margarita Trapalgar, Auditor; Ana Mirabona, Treasurer; Elvic Espinosa, Secretary; Michelle Trapalgar, President, Edmar Trapalgar; Vice-President; Ruel Saniel Director; Rosemarie Ortiz, Director; Celito Saniel, Director; Vicente Trapalgar, Director.



The New Carinay Homeowners Association (NCHAI) welcomed new set of leaders following the elections done during the biennial assembly held last September 15.

The newly elected officials will serve for two years starting September 2019 as provided under the association’s bylaws.

Michelle E. Trapalagar, who served as the Vice President of the association in the past two years, was named as the new NCHAI President.

She is also one of the Barangay Councilor in Villa Ibaba, Atimonan One Energy, Inc.’s (A1E) project host barangay.

According to Trapalgar, moving up on the association’s leadership ladder is a significant responsibility that requires dedication, commitment to serve, hard work and perseverance.

“I believe that being a board member or officer is a valuable and rewarding experience that should be assumed by those who see it as an opportunity to serve their neighbors while protecting and growing the assets of the community,” she said.

She also encouraged the NCHAI members to continue working together to achieve their plans for the community.

Besides Ms. Trapalgar, the newly elected officials are:

  • Edmar Trapalgar, Vice President
  • Elvic Espinosa, Secretary
  • Ana Mirabona, Treasurer
  • Margarita Trapalgar, Auditor
  • Lloyd Lona, Director
  • Roger Trapalgar, Director
  • Ruel Saniel, Director
  • Celito Saniel, Director
  • Rosemarie Ortiz, Director
  • Vicente Trapalgar, Director


A1E helped in the administering the voting process.

Mr. Manuel Trapalgar, the first NCHAI President, presided over the meeting. The outgoing official discussed the major accomplishments and projects under his leadership. He also appraised the significant role that each officer performed in building a sustainable community with empowered members and diversified income opportunities.

Formally formed in 2017, NCHAI is composed of 47 bonafide members, and majority of which, about 35 members, in good standing are present in the assembly which constituted a quorum.

The new set of officers is scheduled to have an oath taking ceremony and special meeting to map out the plans for the NCHAI moving forward.


The members of New Carinay Homeowners Association during their biennial meeting to elect new set of officers and directors for 2019-2021.


The NCHAI was formed and insitutionalized with the help of A1E. The members live in a housing project that was built in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. A1E envisions to transform the association into a sustainable community.

A1E is the developer of 1,200-megawatt (MW) high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) coal-fired power plant in Atimonan. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Meralco PowerGen Corporation (MGen), the power generation arm of Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) – the country’s largest power distributor.