Atimonan One Energy, Inc. (A1E) recognizes the Atimonan Rural Health Unit (RHU) as one of its key partners in its Kaisa sa Kalusugan program that benefits residents of the Quezon municipality.

With the RHU at the frontline of the COVID-19 fight, Atimonan remains free of coronavirus disease or COVID-19. Medical practitioners including barangay health workers work non-stop to provide vital health services to the residents despite the pandemic.

As a member of Atimonan’s COVID-19 Task Force, the RHU also leads the monitoring of possible COVID-19 cases and puts in place necessary measures to immediately address a case and prevent its spread – which has so far been effective.

The RHU also conducts information dissemination activities to usher the residents into the new normal that includes social distancing; frequent handwashing and disinfection; and other sanitation practices.

Besides these, the RHU also introduced a 24-hour “telemedicine” program, which offers free medical consultations for residents that can be availed by simply calling assigned RHU personnel in their respective barangays.

The role of the RHU in fighting this pandemic proves to be very significant, along with its continuous efforts to ensure the good health of Atimonanins.

A1E is one with the RHU in its vision, and through this partnership, the two will continue providing healthcare services in Atimonan communities.

As the fight against pandemic continues, A1E salutes all the medical personnel and staff of Atimonan RHU.

For further information, please contact RHU directly at telephone number at (042) 316-5436 or like and follow their Facebook account RHU Atimonan.