Twenty-six (26) residents from select barangays in Atimonan recently underwent a training on how to use bamboo to create various handicrafts – an activity that is aimed at providing another alternative source of income for them.

The participants – who came from barangays Caridad Ilaya, Villa Ibaba including New Carinay Homeowners Association (NCHOA), and Villa Ilaya – attended the activity that was held last July 19 to 20 at the New Carinay Multipurpose Hall.

One of the senior citizen, Mrs. Margarita Trapalgar have actively participated the training.

The activity forms part of a livelihood program initiated by Atimonan One Energy, Inc. (A1E) dubbed as “Bamboo Negosyo: Kabuhayang Kawayanan sa Kanayunan”.

The community-based training showed taught the participants how to make novelty and gift items made from bamboo such as lampshades, chandeliers, coin banks, food utensils, speakers, and pen holders. They were also trained on the proper way of applying finishes to various kinds of bamboo products to increase its salability in the market.

As part of the activity, they were also guided on how to start and manage a business that will soon provide additional earnings for the residents. The business will be managed by the members of a newly established bamboo handicraft organization.

The training was conducted in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Region IV-A. Mr. Eduardo Yabut, a trainer from DTI, was surprised to see how interested and fast-learner the participants were during the three-day activity.

“With proper guidance, this group will become successful. They have the correct attitude and they are lucky that a private company is guiding them,” according to Mr. Yabut.

A1E, for its part, continues to encourage the residents in Atimonan to develop their entrepreneurial skills by using raw materials that are available within the municipality.

This activity showcased the craftsmanship of Atimonanins, who are expected to continuously produce quality products that can serve as souvenirs for tourists visiting Atimonan.

The bamboo handicraft organization will be given the chance to set up a booth and sell their finished products during the Quezon Niyogyugan Festival on August 9 – 19 at Perez Park, Lucena City.

Finished products after the 3-day training provided by A1E and DTI.


*(FEATURED PHOTO: Bamboo negosyo newly elected officers (L-R) Rameo Ortiz – Project Coordinator, Eduardo Yabut – DTI Trainor, Rolando Repaso – Project Coordinator, Roseben Alegre – Auditor, Margarita Trapalgar – Treasurer, Ma. Fatima Mejares – Secretary, Romeo Calong – Vice President and Dana Alvarez – President)