Atimonan One Energy Inc., the developer of a 2×600 megawatt state­of­-the-­art coal-fired power plant in Atimonan, Quezon, recentl y initiated a three day workshop to help local officials of Barangay Villa Ibaba come up with a development plan which would provide a more solid roadmap on how they can maximize the benefits that the residents will get from the plant’s operations. As host of A1E’s project, the barangay is entitled to the benefits under Energy Regulations 1­94, wherein power plant developers are mandated to allot one­centavo per kilowatt­hour of its electricity sales to its host communities. More than P80 million is expected to be remitted to the host communities ­ from the region up to the resettlement area ­ through ER1 ­94 each year. Of the total, Barangay Villa Ibaba is expected to get an allocation of about P17 million. A1E is a wholly owned subsidiary of Meralco PowerGen Corp., the power generation arm of Manila Electric Co.