Atimonan One Energy, Inc. (A1E) employees discuss different objectives to attain assertiveness to the audience during the Communication Assertiveness training last March 1.



Employees of Atimonan One Energy, Inc. (A1E) last month completed trainings aimed at improving their communication skills and knowledge on fire safety.

The “Communication Assertiveness” workshop was conducted by Guthrie Jensen, a leading management training and consultancy firm, last March 1 and 2. It was the first of a two-part training on “Effective Communication” that was planned for the employees.


A1E employees exchange ideas during the Communication Assertiveness training.


The workshop involved communication skills assessment and strategies to achieve a certain level of assertiveness that are important in the business operations. Themployees were taught how to choose words carefully to obtain the best results in every interpersonal situation. The trainer emphasized the importance of projecting an image of assertiveness by maximizing the communication tools of words, voice and body language to build harmonious working relationships with others.

“Being assertive is a skill that can be learned through assertive communication training. It starts with a good understanding of who you are and that helps build self-confidence,” according to Guthrie Jensen’s resource speaker Faith Pao, adding that being assertive also improves professional relationships at work.


A1E employees with Faith Pao of Guthrie Jensen (7th to lower right) after the 2-day Communication Assertiveness training.


A1E’s top officials acknowledged the need to train people on language and communication proficiency, which Is important to the employees’ individual roles in building and maintaining a credible and good professional and corporate image.

Meanwhile, a training on fire safety was also conducted for Atimonan-based employees as part of the observation of the Fire Prevention Month. Held on March 14, the activity was led by the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) – Atimonan.


Atimonan One Energy, Inc. (A1E) employees during the fire drill last March 14.


BFP-Atimonan conducted a lecture on fire prevention and proper fire safety suppression measures; and a fire drill, where evacuation procedures during emergencies while in the workplace were demonstrated.

All employees participated in the simulated emergency procedure and fire drill, where each participant was also taught how to use a fire extinguisher properly.

“This fire drill activity is an important opportunity to analyze how effective the evacuation procedure and exit routes are so that changes in facilities can be made to have a safe working environment for each employee,” BFP Municipal Fire Marshall Inspector Romano Olviga said.


Patrick Collantes, A1E CSR Assistant, demonstrates how to use a fire extinguisher during the fire safety training.


Inspector Olviga believes that safety has always been A1E’s first and foremost priority, that’s why he trusts that the training will become useful to the employees.

BFP-Atimonan recommended the conduct of regular fire drills to reinforce the correct procedures and gave some reminders and observations for improvement to ensure safety in the workplace.

Other trainings and workshops will be organized by the A1E management to enhance the skills and abilities of all employees. The company believes that a knowledgeable, skilled and well-trained workforce is critical to the success of the company in achieving its vision.


A1E employees with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)-Atimonan after a successful seminar-training.